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National Standardization Technical Committee for Electric Installations of Buildings is a national professional organization for technique standardization, established in accordance with the approbation of Standardization Administration affiliated with General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (coding SAC/TC205). It is directly under the Standardization Administration. The first commission was established in November 1993, and the second in 2003, responsible for drafting and revising the state standard and professional standard for Electric Installations of Buildings and for standard works which are relevant to IEC/TC64.

The secretariat of this commission is located at an affiliated company of CNEEC, China Electric Design and Research Institute.

Our commission is composed of design, scientific research and production experts, as well as university experts. The 2nd commission contains 80 official commissaries representing 74 unit members, and 6 senior consultants, and 2 experts of IEC/TC64 work group.

Main responsibilities of our Commission: to draft the standards relevant to IEC/TC64 work scope and to table proposals for products manufacture and installation; to propose to SAC and relevant authorities the concrete principles, policies and technical suggestions under the guidance of state laws on standardization and relevant policies; to organized and to establish the scheme of standard for Electric Installations of Buildings and to draft and to revise long-rang plans and annual plans; to assist the relevant authorities to draft and revise the state standards for Electric Installations of Buildings and to do scientific research and develop the technology; to disseminate and explain the standards; to undertake evaluation works in standardization field during project acceptance and evaluation, authorized by superior competent authorities; to take charge of standardization works of IEC/TC64, including voting for international standardization documents, examining proposal of our country, implementing and popularizing international standards, sending delegates to attend the annual meeting and relevant conferences.

In order to satisfy the social needs for standard works in the field of Electric Installations of Buildings and for purpose of meeting the require of being in line with the international norms after accession to WTO, our Commission is now busy undertaking our tasks, drafting 40 state standards up to now.


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